Writing Challenge: Nonet

Writing challenge #80, issued by The Secret Keeper, was to write poetry and/or flash fiction.

For fun, I lunged for the nonet, a poem I’ve never tried before. I tried to put myself in my students’ shoes. Since I teach fifth graders, I know that feeling NOT-THRILLED (said with an eye roll) is an understatement when they get a new assignment.

In my defense, they also got to eat smarties as an experiment with weathering and erosion. Life isn’t all bad in fifth grade!

Here’s my nonet.


My teacher digs out a stack of work

thumping papers on our desks like

friendly pats on backs. We groan,

sign away our freedom,

where it says “Name Here”

and recall how

much school


Link me to your post if you visit The Secret Keeper’s blog and take up the challenge!


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