T5W Future Classics

Top 5 Wednesday has rolled around again!

I have wanted to post all day long, but there was this… you know… my job to go to. Then trouble with a car from the dealership (the worst). Then stir-fry to cook and devour like a superhuman. (I’m a stir-fry fiend.) A few wedding and miscellaneous planning tasks to knock out, and wa-la! Here I am late at night, ready to write. I’m going to have to scold my life, though. It’s really starting to get in the way of my blogging.

Here are the books I nominate as future classics.

Small as an Elephant

Emotionally charged. Full circle. This book stretches your concept of love and innocence. The journey of this little boy is beautiful; the resolution somehow leaves you feeling like everything turned out the way it was supposed to. This may be a children’s novel, but I highly recommend it to all readers!

Okay for Now

Just…. yes. I dare you to read this and feel disappointed. Simple, simple, and a touch of elegant.  It is another children’s novel that just wows me. It has everything and it happens to be a very quick read.  These are two reasons why you should pick it up and read it. You’ wil be especially pleased if you’re already an Audubon fan.

Life of Pi

The big reveal in this novel will blow your mind if you don’t already know the story. Just get ready to puke into a trashcan.

The Book Thief

Written like a poem, you feel the story like you feel your heart beating. It has a pulse. It covers history with the sincerity of youth and of people who don’t quite fit in.

The Alchemist.jpg

This book is abstract in odd ways, but there is quite a bit to poke around and investigate. I think it will stand the test of time.

Thanks for stopping by!

Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey and hosted by Sam. Check out the group  on Goodreads if you’re interested in joining.


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