David Sedaris Walks On-Stage

It’s ironic that I wrote yesterday about LGBTQ+ characters and did not mention that I would be seeing David Sedaris live that same evening in Sarasota. The original T5W post included authors as well as characters, so I’m going to take a moment to talk about what it was like seeing and hearing him in the flesh.

While I enjoyed reading Me Talk Pretty several years ago, and found his observational humor to be quirky and simple, I was not yet a die-hard David Sedaris fangirl. Then, he walked onto stage wearing something similar to what he has on here.

David Sedaris Jimmy Fallon.jpg
This picture is a golden nugget. I didn’t even know David Sedaris had been on tv with Jimmy Fallon.


He explained that his shorts were crafted by two other pairs of shorts, and even though the details were hard to make out on stage, I was sure the sport coat he wore had ruffles. I guess that’s what happens when you do your shopping in Tokyo, but either way, I was laughing and intrigued right along with everyone else.

David Sedaris continued to make his audience ripple with laughter. He said some things that were serious and barely paused for a reaction–such was his style. He said many things that were humorous and had us surprised at the stories he told and wondrous at the simplistic, quirky manner in which he told them.

In May, his new book Theft by Finding Diaries comes out. It will be the first of two parts–a collection of diary excerpts that he has kept since 1977. Like many others, I eagerly await its arrival.

The readings he shared were unapologetically honest. Here are a few things he read about:

  • feeding his tumor to snapping turtles
  • coming up with politic-nautical themed names for his family’s vacation cottage and boat (I won’t spoil the surprise, but he had us all in stitches.)
  • his unsatisfying relationship with his father
  • flushing toilet paper rolls and purposely clogging the toilet
  • poking fun at poorly crafted signs that said “there is probably no God, so stop worrying and enjoy life”

If you think you would enjoy clever snippets of his day-to-day throughout the years, pre-order his book. His diary snippets are not written to be emotional; he said that on stage. They are observations, sure to be very, very amusing.

Happy Thursday, bloggers! Let me know down below what you think of David Sedaris.


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