Sucked In

The absolutely, most irrefutably marvelous thing about reading is getting sucked in. It always happens to me unexpectedly, sometimes on page 2, sometimes not until I make it all the way to the climax. But when it happens, stars. It’s wonderful.

On Thursday, after a very busy week…

interjection: I didn’t feel overly inspired Wednesday’s T5W topic, otherwise you all would have heard from me sooner…

I came home and got into bed early. Early enough to treat myself to a few chapters of Cinder, by Marissa Meyer. I was, oh, at least halfway through and was reading mostly for instruction in technique. Something happened though. Unexpectedly, I got sucked in.

I read from 10pm to 2am and finished the novel. I flirted with the snooze button for an hour the next morning, then crashed out of bed and darted for the door, amazingly making it to work on time.


To make matters worse, I was nearing the climax in my nearly twenty-hour audiobook American Gods, and got entrenched in the story, finishing it on the way to a night of pick-up ultimate frisbee.

American Gods

Isn’t it obvious that there was no hope for my weekend? I read feverishly through two more Marissa Meyer novels in the Lunar Chronicles: Scarlet and Cress. I had expected to feel disdainful and bored with them, but they were captivating! While I have been happily interrupted by jogging, tennis, board games with the gang, wedding planning, showers, and half-hearted attempts at meals, I have been largely balled up with a book tight in my hands. Even as I write, I am sucked in.

Lunar Chonicles

But alas, the next three books in the Lunar Chronicles won’t arrive until Tuesday. Your fantastic shipping options are not enough, Amazon. Be faster.

Have you ever been sucked into a novel or series that made it impossible for you to think about or do anything else? I’d love to hear in comments below or in links to your own blog posts! Who knows? It might even snap me out of my lengthy daydream on Luna and pull me back to Earth.


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