I am a teacher, a closet writer, and an enthusiast for learning and adventure. Hence the German greeting–I have been practicing some mad German skills on Duolingo. 🙂

I taught in Central America for two years before returning to teach in the sunny state of Florida. Although I am making plans to stay put (I’m even getting married this summer!) the adventures and the learning will continue.

I am not a published author, but I give props to friend and inspiration Rachael Steil, who became the published author of Running in Silence and reminded me that lifetime passions can come first. It is a reminder that I needed. The wear-and-tear of daily life had been taking its toll. One day I will put my own writing out there, but in the meantime, I will continue to devour books, work furtively on a children’s novel, and share writing exercises with the blogosphere.


“Such Small Seeds” was a blog idea first inspired to share nonsense. For example, sledding down a volcano. The idea transformed when blog names such as “Because Why Not” and “Just for Fun” were already taken. I realized as I leaned on a favorite myth and crafted my blog name that I wanted to write simply because I love writing. The motivation quickly became to create a blog to support aspiring writers like myself. I hope as I do what I love, you can too.

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