T5W Books that Feature LGBTQ+ Characters

Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey and hosted by Sam. Check out the group  on Goodreads if you’re interested in joining.

This week’s topic is to discuss LGBTQ+ characters or authors.

harry potter series

1. Harry Potter and… Them All (J.K. Rowling) Continue reading T5W Books that Feature LGBTQ+ Characters


Descriptive Writing and the Five Senses

Description sets the stage for imagination.

Don’t you go gaga for imagination? I can’t help myself. When my thoughts escape me, I find myself daydreaming about having butterbeer with Harry, Ron, and Hermione or what it would be like to foster mom Tom Sawyer. It is always hats off to an author when their characters or settings become manifest in my reality. Like saying, wow. Your description and characters are so good that I’m actually losing my grip on reality. Nice job!

And of course, I want to do that to my own readers someday. *Cackle*

This post will be my second post about descriptive writing. Continue reading Descriptive Writing and the Five Senses

Blind Date with a Book

A few days ago, I was strolling through Barnes and Noble trying to justify potential purchases like The Chemist and Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga. By sheer force of will I bought nothing.

Side note on The Chemist: has anyone read it? I’m not crazy about Stephanie Meyer’s novels, but I am curious to see what she was able to do with adult fiction.

Then, I found something irresistible. I have read several of your blog posts about book box services like OwlCrate. (Since I recently subscribed to Audible, I have held off on a book box subscription.) Well, what I found had the same elements of mystery and intrigue. Continue reading Blind Date with a Book

Wedding Planning

Hey readers!

Sorry I haven’t made my oh-so-exciting T5W post yet. For our week off school–yes, teaching has its perks– Sam and I have been flying around getting wedding plans in order.

I’m beat so tonight, instead of leaving you all with bookish lists, I’ll leave you with an engagement photo. One of the many successes of our trip!

Good night everyone. I promise to come back and read your blogs / write in mine soon!


Photo credits its to Emily Diemer at emaleedee.com. (She’s fabulous.)